“I tip my toque to Alex Kennon for a captivating walk through New Orleans’ restaurant history—from the owners who preserved these houses of gastronomy to the legendary chefs who managed taste and flavor. As reflected through these pages, the Crescent City feeds the soul like no other place on the globe.” –Chef John D. Folse, Louisiana’s Culinary Ambassador to the World

Every New Orleanian knows Leah Chase’s gumbo, but few realize that the Freedom Fighters gathered and strategized over bowls of that very dish. Or that Parkway’s roast beef po- boy originated in a streetcar conductors’ strike. In a town where Antoine’s Oysters Rockefeller is still served up by the founder’s great-great-grandson, discover the chefs and restaurateurs who kept their gas flames burning through the Great Depression and Hurricane Katrina. Author Alexandra Kennon weaves the classic offerings of Creole grande dames together with contemporary neighborhood staples for a guide through the Crescent City’s culinary soul. From Brennan’s Bananas Foster to Galatoire’s Soufflé Potatoes, this collection also features a recipe from each restaurant, allowing readers to replicate iconic New Orleans cuisine at home.

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More praise for Classic Restaurants of New Orleans:

“This book is a wonderful tale of cultural influences but also a paean to the role of families in upholding great institutions… The tales in this book are inspiring and savory ones. They remind us that, whatever our endeavors, it’s important to pursue passions with love and good taste. And also, by the way, the book is a lot of fun—just like a meal in one of these restaurants. Bon appetit!” – Walter Isaacson, author of The Innovators, Leonardo da Vinci, Franklin, Einstein, Steve Jobs

“As entertaining as it is vastly informative, Alexandra Kennon’s Classic Restaurants of New Orleans is a must-have for anyone with a soft spot for the Crescent City, its colorful characters, its traditions, and its culinary gifts to the world- from lowly Po-boys to the lordly Oysters Rockefeller and beyond.” – John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Classic Restaurants of New Orleans (History Press) delves into the histories of restaurants most embedded in Crescent City culture and emerges with a portrait of the country’s best food city that will compel newcomers and aficionados alike.” – Lucie Monk Carter, Country Roads Magazine

“Dining at some of these beloved grandes dames is not unlike taking in an elaborate theatrical production, [Kennon] notes; but in this case, readers also are taken backstage and through time.” – Sarah Ravits, The Gambit